domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

The Uprisings in Egypt or the Realization of How powerful Social Media really is Nowadays

With the Uprisings in Egypt,and the consequent resignation of Hosni Mubarak as President of that country, came the realisation of the power and the impact of Social Media Marketing in society as a means to make important changes in real life as it could be seen from the current results

The Uprisings in Egypt started were any Marketing Activity starts, with a Marketing Plan which is followed throughly and which was guided by Wael Ghonim , a Google Executive in Egypt who started using Facebook Groups and Twitter to promote a smartmobbing, i.e the gathering of people at a place , for a specific purpose , by means of viral invitations through Social Media, Viral E-mailing or Mobile Devices.

First, the objective behind the online activities had to set, for this purpose it was chosen to promote a gathering of people as a sign of protest against the government. Once the above mentioned was set , the person in charge of the marketing had to chose what were the most significant social media to spread the word about the event taking place and the landmark to be used for the protest to be mind -shocking that is when Wael Ghonim decided to chose the Tahim Plaza for this event as he as a native Egyptian knew how important and representative it could be for the support of his idea .

After all of this was set, Mr. Ghonim started using viral Messaging, Facebook Groups and the support of Google to implement the marketing plan he had for the uprising, which showed to be a very good one, using the right language to get as many supporters as possible, which is known to be no easy task under a regimen like the one in Egypt in which any demonstration against the government could have ended in a very delicate situation, as the whole world watched over the different News Broadcasting Companies such as Cnn , Bloomberg, BBC World News and many others.

But the power of Social Media in society is such , that even when the government shut down the internet and held Mr. Gohim captive, in additon to attacking Egyptian protesters; Egyptians managed to find ways in which to keep promoting the uprising and finally achieving their goal, the Resignation of Hosni Mubarak as President of Egypt and with it, a change in the way they are governed showing the power that Social Media may have in real life, setting an example for Marketing Executives Worldwide about how to use Social Media effectively, congrats to Mr. Wael Ghonin and Google for Supporting his employee's hactivism

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